Sunday, October 31, 2010

My First Post After Facebook


Thanks to all of you who have registered to follow me on this blog. Hope more of you will join soon.
Google gives me "insights" so I can see the amount that of you that view a post even if you are viewing but did not register.

Here is a fun image of the entrance to the Steeplechase Pier in Atlantic City.
George Tilyou from Coney Island, NY started the Steeplechase Park franchise and the trademarked franchise eventually spread to the Jersey Shore.
His theme was innocent fun where the sexes could mix in the time before internet dating.
A teacher or shopkeeper from a city could meet and have fun with the opposite sex in a time when it was frowned upon without a chaperone back home.
BTW..the famous Tillie in Asbury Park originated from George Tilyou's demonic clown logo.

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