Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morro Castle - Asbury Park

Some new fans have been asking me about the Morrow Castle and if I had any images.
I posted a few awhile back but here is my favorite.

The luxury liner ran aground on the beach resort on September 8, 1934 when it caught fire at sea. More than a third of the 455 people on board lost their lives in the tragedy. The massive ship beached adjacent to Convention Hall, Asbury Park and the boardwalk, presenting a surreal spectacle. The cause of the fire that doomed the popular cruise liner has remained a mystery for more than seventy years but arson is suspected. The Morrow Castle eventually burned to a gutted shell and was quite a people magnet for months before being hauled away to the scrap yard.


  1. What an amazing shot this is!! It's hard to believe how many decades ago this was but yet this photo is crystal clear! How incredible!

  2. Cool picture! I just scanned in a good one that has my mom and her sister as kids standing in front of the Morro Castle. Decided to do a little research and ran across your blog. Can't figure out how to upload my pic to this comment tho'. Originally from Neptune, but now live in VA.

  3. Oh, forgot to mention, that the Wikipedia article says that a lot of the dead were buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Neptune. Turns out it was right at the end of my street and we used to walk there all the time as kids... Who knew?