Friday, June 26, 2009

Move We Must- Wildwood Ocean Pier

The first major pier to be opened in Wildwood was christened the Ocean Pier ( opened for the 1905-1906 season.)

It was located between Poplar and Juniper and was over 1,ooo feet-long. The pier offered bowling alleys, roller skating rinks, a dance floor, a hand-carved carousel and numerous other amusements. I ran a post on it not too long ago.

What is great about this image is that as all fans of Wildwood know the beach is expanding annually and at low tide the refreshing ocean can be quite a distance from the boardwalk. The town officials were forced to move the boardwalk closer to the Atlantic on several occasions and pictured here is an early image ( circa 1920 ) of the Ocean Pier during one of the moves. Remember labor was less expensive than lumber back in the day so key buildings and cottages were often moved.

Emil R. Salvini


  1. Thank you. I would have loved to experience the Jersey shore in 1920. I am intrigued by my Mom's High School pics from the Asbury Park boardwalk in 1955/56. Post more old pictures please.

  2. It is my understanding, as explained by family that have passed away. Asbury Park had the best Easter Parade on the Boardwalk of all times.

    My parents were dressed by their parents, to stroll their hand sewn outfits for the Easter Parades. ;)

    I believe there were contests. I wish I had pictures....

    Enjoy, bring back the Easter Parade!