Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Dreamland" Coney Island NY

Yes I know this is my blog for the New Jersey Shore but some of our best boardwalk amusement parks evolved from Coney Island attractions.  Dreamland looks like a magical place.

Advertised as the Great Pleasure Park of West Brighton Beach it was massive collection of amusements.
The park had thousands of electric lights to outline the buildings, Venetian canals, trained animals, a 3-ring circus, high-divers, a miniature railroad, etc.

Take a look at the illustration and my description from left to right.
On the far left is the bizarre Midget City that the park populated with little people where tourists would gawk at the inhabitants as if they were zoo animals. The tower next to it was a 300 foot observation structure that must have looked incredible in the evening outlined with miniature white lights. Next is the pier where the boat is docking. There was a covered ballroom over the pier.  The "fire" on the right was actually an exhibit called the "Realistic Fire Exhibition."  Lastly the pier on the right with a hump-like shape in the middle of it was a "Leap-frog Railroad." 
Wouldn't you love to have seen it for a day?


  1. Hey thanks for a great post..!! Is it a real place in New York USA?

    Anyways it is a real dreamland and I would love to visit it in my next Travel to New York...!!

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