Friday, May 1, 2009

Shoot out on the Asbury Park -Ocean Grove Boardwalk :)

Only kidding but for those of you who are new to my blog and FaceBook fan site I thought I would post the story of the Jersey Shore and old Pawnee Bill again. ( f you did see it in FB you can enjoy again it in high-res this time)
It was a bright, summer day in the late 19th century when an interesting event took place on the Jersey Shore.
Gordon "Pawnee Bill" Lille, the founder of Pawnee's Wild West Show, brought his troupe to Asbury Park for a series of performances.
Bill and his motley crew arrived early on a Sunday and having promised to show everyone the Atlantic Ocean, he assembled his crew of cowboys. horses, and Native Americans for a festive march along the sea.
Unaware of the blue laws in adjoining Ocean Grove, Pawnee and his colorful band came face to face with good old Methodist morality as they crossed from Asbury's boardwalk and paraded south onto the Ocean Grove wooden walkway.
The local constable ordered them to STOP, for they were crossing into the Methodist camp resort, where not much of anything with the exception of praying took place on driving, no amusement, no sea bathing and no Wild West parades :)
Ever the showman, Pawnee Bill reached for his trusty six-shooter ( loaded with blanks ) and scared the hell out of the shocked policeman. In the ensuing minutes cooler heads prevailed, and Bill placated his troupe by taking them for a ride on the Asbury Park Electric Trolley. Pictured here on the right is Gordon " Pawnee Bill " Lillie next to his fellow showman, Buckskin Jim.
Now you know :)

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  1. And to think, I did "Annie Get Your Gun" at the Starlight Theater on the Asbury Park boardwalk around 1969 and didn't know any of this!