Monday, May 4, 2009

The Great 1917 Asbury Park Fire

Fire was the scourge of wooden resorts built along the sea. A spark, candle, faulty gas light or sometimes arson would be quickly assisted by brisk sea breezes and in a short time... ashes.
In April 5, 1917 a nasty conflagration destroyed four blocks of the old Asbury Park boardwalk including the famous Natatorium. 
Asbury Park was so popular at the time that by 1924 the boardwalk was rebuilt and the Natatorium ( pictured in the right of this image ) was rebuilt. 


  1. Great pictures!! Horrible nothing left but twisted metal! Very sad!:(

    New boardwalk? Great Picture!! So clear, still can't get over what they wore on hot summer days. Always all dressed up to walk the boards!!

  2. Asbury Park is slowly being rebuilt, the boardwalk is bustling along with Cookman Ave.
    Some great new restaurants.