Monday, November 15, 2010

The Blog and Facebook

If you are reading this you are visiting my blog via Facebook.

THANKS  ( you see I could not do that on Facebook :) )
While I have lost some fans because people do not want to click the links I am posting to take you to this blog it is worth it to have interested readers.

Facebook is a social media site that I was trying to use as a blog. It had many limitations regarding size, quality, number of images, type styles ( see above, ) and was wide open to hated SPAMMERS.

This blog has the same stories written by me so there is no down side. Just a matter of clicking the link to the blog when I post on Facebook.

While it is not a requirement to read the blog if you register to follow it on the left hand side of the page   ( not the follow me on Twiter icon ) you get to enroll in the raffle for the Replica Monopoly Set once we hit 1,000 registered followers. All you need to register is a gmail, yahoo, twitter, AIM email address, etc

It is the "Follow" icon over the pictures of the 500 plus registered followers.

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