Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Asbury Park - Ocean Grove Train Station

Many Jersey Shore fans do not realize that for decades Asbury Park, and Ocean Grove, were ruled by the stern hand of the "founder" James Bradley, a former Manhattan brush salesman.
He was a very religious man and had no problem imposing his concept of morality on the two resorts. Interestingly, the nearby resort of Bradley Beach - named after him - broke free from his rule before the other two. I suppose they learned by observing what Asbury and Ocean Grove were going through such as trains not being permitted to service the resorts on Sundays. Some rules made sense, and well others, including his bizarre disdain for hot dogs and his insistence that they not be sold in "his" beloved Asbury Park, well .... :)
The first thing the Asbury Park government did when it wrestled control from Bradley was to permit the trains to service the bustling resort on Sundays. Pictured here is the beautiful train station.

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  1. Is that the Ocean Grove station or Asbury Park?