Thursday, April 23, 2009



Those FaceBook fans that have not registered as followers I would appreciate it if you would.
Goggle indicates that the blog is getting thousands of views a day so it appears many of you have bookmarked it and check it out from time to time but have not signed on.
That is fine but if you register as a follower it personalizes the blog for me and the others. More fun I think and we can communicate via the comment box. 
It does not ask for any personal info or even a profile.
If you wish to join the blog as a follower just click on the icon to the left that is over the box of followers.
I believe it asks you which email system you use  - Gmail - AOL - Yahoo
Once you indicate which one you use it just asks you to confirm your email and that is it
Hope to see you soon

PS  Don't forget I am having a drawing for an autographed set of my books on May 2 for the registered need to enter.. I will pick one at random.

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