Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bathing Beauties

The Miss America Pageant was born in Atlantic City as an intercity beauty contest. The key to its early success was that the newspaper editors pushed their local city beauty contestant, like Miss Jersey City or Miss Brooklyn, and the pageant and resort benefited. The public loved to follow their local beauty. As it grew in popularity it was decided to have the states compete.
The Miss America Pageant was huge during the resorts heyday but as the public taste changed the television ratings went into a free fall and the organizers eventually moved the contest that will always be connected to the Jersey shore.


  1. Atlantc City and Miss America are a's a shame that the pageant left the area, I don't watch it anymore and lost interest after it left South Jersey, I miss it..always looked forward to the boardwalk parade every year..

  2. My Grandfather was at the first and second Miss America Pagent. He told me the same girl won both years

  3. My childhood friends dad was a photographer for the atlantic city press and took the pics of the pageant for the paper! I remember having a miss america doll when i was young. thanks emil!