Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Steel Pier- What a shot

I posted this on FaceBook once before but with the ability of our new blog to enlarge in high-res I decided to re-post.

Please click on it to enlarge..It is fabulous



  1. When this photo was taken the pier had a "one price" admission policy.
    Once you paid to enter you had access to all of the acts including the "animal oddities."

  2. It IS fabulous when enlarged...I found myself gasping. LOL. Thanks for sharing the stories and pictures.

  3. Are the pier posts in the far right middle of the picture a demolition or a new construction? Does anyone know?

  4. I still cannot believe it's gone. Some of my best memories as a child were here. The only time we ever got to go to the movies, see live acts AT ALL!! Too bad the casinos can't spend some of their money to bring back such a place to the Great Jersey Shore.