Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your blog host's NJ Shore Books

Hi All,

Some fans have asked what my books look like. As you may know Jersey Girl "CJ" won an autographed set on the FaceBook contest and they will ship next week.

The new mini-raffle will take place the end of next week and will only include registered followers of the new blog as contestants. To enter just select the "follower" icon above the followers box on the left of the page and provide your email address. The winner will be randomly selected.

For those of you who do not know here is a brief description of each book.

The Summer City bu the Sea, An Illustrated History of Cape May, NJ ( Rutgers University Press ) covers the history of our oldest resort from colonial days to the present.

Boardwalk Memories, Tales of the Jersey Shore ( Globe Pequot Press ) covers each boardwalk town on the Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, Vintage Images of Bygone Day ( Globe Pequot Press ) covers various subject on the shore including architecture, parades, storms , personalities, etc.

Good luck and if you do not win there is always Amazon or Barnes and Noble :)



  1. Beautiful Books Emil, here's hoping :-)
    I still hope you have a book signing at the mall in Cape May, I saw your books in Atlantic Book Store.
    Sorry I still have to use anonymous, it won't let me sign in.

  2. WOW! those books are worth like $75.00! what a great prize. I really hope I win.

    btw- If I win, can you autograph them for me?

  3. hi emil...having a great time with your seeing all the old pics of asbury grandparents owned ginas rest. on the uncle has tons of pics of me as a small child on the boardwalk :-)
    keep'em coming...loving it!!!!
    thanxs again...Tricia januska
    it also only lets me post as anonymous

  4. Wow...I am thrilled to be the winner of this set of books!!! Thank you very much. I look forward to receiving them...they look GREAT. CJ

  5. Im crossing my fingers that I win the next raffle! The books look awesome and it will cheer me up because I live in VA now :-(

  6. Hi Emil: If we are already a "Follower", do we need to do anything else to be entitled to win the next set of books??? Thanks, Joe

  7. Joe

    You are entered in the Raffle as a Follower