Thursday, April 23, 2009

A cool clear Sping Lake day :)


For those of you who are not convinced yet I thought I would re-post this wonderful image of Spring Lake back in the day. Please click on it to enlarge and I think you will agree the blog resolution brings another dimension to my posts.

The date is 1947 and the boardwalk was still wood at the time. The famous Essex and Sussex Hotel which appeared in the 1981 motion picture Ragtime, is on the top left and guests of the hotel could use the very toney private beach across from it.



  1. I love enlarging the photo's and seeing the detail. I had to look closely at the group od young women walking - thought it was my mom and friend's!

  2. I really like this photo,Emil, and you're right:when you click on it you can see a tremendous amount of detail

  3. its amazing to see that the beaches were just as crowded back then!!

  4. Essex and Sussex still has the private beach but has recently been renovated into condominiums