Monday, April 20, 2009

The Dentzel Carousel - Philadelphia

Here is a preview of the Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel story I plan on posting in more detail. As many of you know I visited the Please Touch Museum this past weekend to photograph and video this marvelous recently restored carousel.
The tie-in to the Jersey Shore is that the Dentzel family made many of the hand-carved carousels that once graced our resorts. Today only one still exists on Casino Pier at Seaside and that is a mix of Dentzel and other carver's work.
The Woodside Park carousel pictured here is supposed to have been one of Dentzel's favorites. It is said that he would often bring clients to the park to see it when he was about to close a deal.
It has had several homes including the defunct Woodside Park in Philadelphia, Rockaway Beach, Long Island, Lambertville, NJ - storage at the Smithsonian for over 40 years - and now the Please Touch Museum located in historic Memorial Hall back in Philly.
More to follow.

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  1. Emil, This has to be one of my best photo's Beautiful picture you posted here!! :)