Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Colorful Cape May

As Some of you may know I have resurrected the art of stereo photography and have been documenting our beloved Jersey Shore. These are a few I took in Cape May last summer.
I will eventually market them in pop up cardboard viewers that can be sent for first class postage as a souvenir.

Hope you enjoy.

The quality of the images on the new blog are great. Apparently FaceBook was reducing the resolution of the images I was posting so they could make more room on the page for ads :)

I will be posting some videos beginning in May.



  1. Emil, this is great, we can view the pictures better here then on Facebook, thank you for all your very interesting stories!! I'm still hoping you have a book signing in Cape May, this summer.

  2. Thanks Robin

    I thought the Blog would work better with higher quality images, more text if required and no more clogging fans Face Book news feeds.
    Hope the rest of the fans agree with you and me. Today was the first day since I started the page that we had a net loss of fans. We were averaging 20-25 new fans a day and today lost 8 ??
    Time will tell.
    Thanks and glad you enjoy it.

  3. Maybe it is because of Income Tax day :) :)

  4. Emil,
    It is wonderful to be able to see the photos close-up now for more detail!!! What a great idea to put these on blog pages. Keep up the wonderful work. We're all out here in awe of what you are doing. CJ

  5. I'm very glad i found the fan page, and the blogs are great. And I think stereoscopy is sooo cool, thanks for bringing it back.

  6. Your site is great. I was born and raised in Cape May and still live close. I'm wondering if you have any history on a 1970's bar-The Shore Bar? I'm trying to remember a singer who performed there-I think her first name was Lou-She did Garland type songs?