Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goodbye to an era..

The Atlantic City beachfront had been one of the most famous in the world for more than half of a century. As poverty, decay and crime grew in the latter half of the twentieth century Atlantic City was no longer the place to be seen.
In 1979 Louis Malle's film Atlantic City featured dramatic aerial footage of the magnificent Traymore hotel being demolished to make way for new hotels and signal an end of the era of pre-casino AC.
Malle used artistic license in his film, for the actual demolition - a Guinness world record holder at the time for the largest controlled demolition - actually took place in April 1972, six years before gambling was legalized in America's Playground.


  1. I remember that. Along with a few others...

  2. I remember my mother going to the PTA conventions at that beautiful hotel.