Friday, April 17, 2009

The B in Boardwalk

While Atlantic City was not the first boardwalk ( Cape May has that honor )  it certainly became the largest Boardwalk on the New Jersey Coast.
In 1898 the city adopted the word Boardwalk as a street name thus a capital B is always used when referring to the their, great wooden walkway. 
I am planning on posting a detailed story on the origin and evolution of the Atlantic City Boardwalk but for now thought I would post a few images of it in 1922


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  2. Of all the neat things in these picture , (R.C. Maxwell billboards) the thing that most surprised me is that the railings at the edge of the boardwalk are pipes, as they are today. Maybe some are still original. I would have thought that they were made of wood back in 1922.

  3. Love the bill boards, constipation digestion can't see the middle one... And the bureau of lost children.. Those bill boards were huge in height!