Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Number One, Atlantic Ocean.

This was one of my most popular posts on the FaceBook fan page where we are about to hit 1800 fans..great.

I thought I would post this again along with a new image that you have to see to believe.
Here is the back story.
Atlantic City promoter, Captain John Lake Young, built his second and most famous amusement pier in 1906 and called it Young's Million Dollar Pier.
Ever the showman, the Captain ( no one has any idea where he got the rank from ) built an Italian-style villa at the end of his amusement pier and called it Number One, Atlantic Ocean. That was the actual address where he received his mail.
The villa had formal gardens, a lush grass lawn and marble statuary. The view from the bell tower must have been breathtaking. Young imported the finest furnishings from Europe, and the mansion more than paid for itself in the publicity it provided for his amusement business. The "Captain" played host to presidents, celebrities and industrialists ( pictured here is President William Taft dining in the villa which was located hundreds of feet over the Atlantic.) Each evening the mansion could be seen from miles away because of the thousands of miniature white ligghtbulbs that were designed and installed by Young's fishing buddy Thomas Edison.


  1. This is a great story, I am so enjoying these tales of the Jersey Shore, your knowledge is remarkable and how nice of you to share with all of us, thank you!

  2. Jeff, it wasn't at the end of the pier; more like mid-way.
    Jim Mason