Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Day at the Beach

On a beautiful summer day in August of 1901 the Thomas A. Edison Company brought their new motion picture camera to Atlantic City and captured a day at the beach. I sometimes wish I could time travel to see what things were really like throughout history. Since I have written so much about the New Jersey Shore, and its colorful past, I think it would be wonderful to spend a day like this in America's Playground over a century ago. It is difficult to imagine that some of these sea bathers enjoying the same beach that we do today were born before the Civil War.
No time machine yet so for now we will have to settle for a few minutes of Edison's magic.


  1. Oh look at all the people!!!! That is one crowded beach. Awesome clip!! :)

  2. Back then they were completley covered....Today (2009) on the beaches everyone wears close to nothing....How times have changed...

  3. now the objective is to get tan... haha, oh how times change just perfectly

  4. It's the same as today only with more clothing on... on those hot July and August days everyone walks down by the water - sometimes it feels like NY City!

  5. that is AMAZING - thanks for posting - my grandparents were infants when that film was taken!
    and just to see the waves crashing, that ceaseless eternal motion, so long long ago - neat