Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Lake- More 1953 storm

Spring Lake like many other NJ Shore towns suffered damage from time to time along their boardwalk and seafront.
In 1953 a November hurricane tossed the wooden walkway and buildings across the town as if they were tinker toys.
Today much of the walkway is made of artificial material.


  1. Wow those are scary pics!

  2. Hey, just came across your site. Amazing pics! Just a minor correction though. While the bottom two photos, and the one in the top left, may be from '53, the other two must be post-1975. You can see that the Monmouth Hotel has already been torn down in the middle pic, and that looks like a '78 Camaro or Firebird in front of the garage on Atlantic Avenue in front of the South End pavilion in the top right pic. Maybe this would have been from Hurricane Gloria in '85? The artificial boardwalk, of course, came after the '92 Nor'easter.