Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Branch - Fire

Hey fans,

I posted a low res of this image a few weeks ago.
Now that I can post high-res on this new blog I thought I would give you guys a second look.

This was a sad day in Long Branch. It was 1987 and a vicious fire destroyed dozens of amusements, restaurants and shops, as well as a large chunk of the boardwalk and the fishing pier. The original Max's hot dog stand was also destroyed ( it now is located atOcean Boulvedard and Matilda Terrace ) and when Gifted Sara - Long Branch's answer to Asbury's Madam Marie - was asked about the future of the resort and the promised reconstruction of the amusement pier she smiled slyly and said . " I see condominiums ."
She certainly was gifted

This was a huge loss and for most of us Long Branch will never be the same.



  1. I hate seeing this picture because it just destroyed Long Branch and all that was good and fun in it. I find it sad that there was no attempt to rebuild, let alone memorialize it(to my knowledge).

  2. Ellen Sturmfels AbelApril 15, 2009 at 5:05 PM

    I grew up going to that pier with my family (and special "dates" with my dad to get hot dogs), partying down there with my friends in high school. I was living in Florida at the time of the fire and was saddened. Looking at the pictures before and after the fire left me heartbroken. Change is the only constant in our lives but not all change is good. It is sad they didn't try to resurrect the pier.

  3. There's a great big version of this picture hanging in the back of Ron's West End Pub in LB